An open letter to Taylor Swift


Hi Taylor,

My name’s Elisabeth and I’ve been a fan since 2009, when Fearless and Taylor Swift were released in the UK. I’ve went to a Speak Now concert in Manchester, and was unable to visit London to see you on the Red tour. And I’ve kinda accepted for a while that I have no chance at ever actually meeting you.

And that’s okay, there are people who may need to meet you more than me, and who maybe have more to thank you for. All I really have is a request. That you play Tied Together With A Smile live. I have heard accounts of people meeting you, and you saying that it’s not popular enough to be played live. But I dunno, I have a fair few reasons why I would love to hear it live, and I’m sure many others would:

The main reason I’ve heard that you don’t want to play it live is because not many people generally know it when they’re there at the concert. And I understand that. But at the same time, there are so many people online who want to hear it live. I think I’m speaking for many Swifties, when I say that this is probably one of the songs which they want to hear live the most. And obviously not all of them are at the show. Each day after a new concert I’d check online forums to see which “surprise” song you had performed. And there are so many people online who want to see it. And I believe that there would be more people checking online and watching it, than there would be who didn’t know it at the concert.

I think I’m right in thinking that you’ve never played it live? I’m not saying that you necessarily have to play it at a big concert. Even if it was just performed as a smaller promotional performance, or something acoustic that was put on youtube, as long as people can access it, they would listen.

Part of the reason why this song is requested so often I believe is because of the message of it. I know so many people who were anorexic, depressed, self-harming, etc. who it has helped. I personally have terrible anxiety, which meant that for a while I was at an anorexic weight, and I fucking hated myself in the mirror because you could see my ribs, and I was so scared. But TTWAS helped so much. And even if people don’t necessarily have illnesses, it helps. You’re providing a message that everyone is beautiful, and I think that by performing it live, you’d be helping so many people.

And let’s say that you were at a concert and not everyone knew the song. That allows people to stand there and listen, hear the songs, and just be touched and motivated by the lyrics. Which, again, is why I think you should perform it live. You’ve said yourself that there’s always going to be a 12 year old in the crowd, don’t you think this would be a fantastic message to give to them?

All I ask is that you maybe think about playing TTWAS live once. Just so that there’s a rawer version for people to listen to somewhere online. It obviously is your own decision, but if you did play it, so many people would be thrilled.

Lovelovelove Elisabeth :) xoxox

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Welcome to the Red Tour

Welcome to the Red Tour

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Here’s to the brave girls you.

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the line “my daddy’s gonna show you how sorry you’ll be” never ceases to make me laugh because like


have you seen scott swift


oh man better watch out


"coming back around here would be bad for your health stocks”

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but you’re friction

but you’re friction

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*13 Days Taylor Swift ChallengeDay 8 Favourite Lyrics

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