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Welcome to the Red Tour

Welcome to the Red Tour

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Here’s to the brave girls you.

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the line “my daddy’s gonna show you how sorry you’ll be” never ceases to make me laugh because like


have you seen scott swift


oh man better watch out


"coming back around here would be bad for your health stocks”

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but you’re friction

but you’re friction

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*13 Days Taylor Swift ChallengeDay 8 Favourite Lyrics

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ivanmbart: It’sa @taylorswift13 #photobomb @merylsuperb@weinsteinfilms @karliekloss @gigihadid @imgmodels#oscar2014 (x)

ivanmbartIt’sa @taylorswift13 #photobomb @merylsuperb@weinsteinfilms @karliekloss @gigihadid @imgmodels#oscar2014 (x)

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fetus taylor swift

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